Singabout Great Destinations

" We travelled the world over many years in research and we connected and made friends with extraordinary people. We believe it's the people that make the place. So that is what we share with you, our favorite friends in our favorite places and our favorite local made goodies. " - Jennifer Richardson

Creative Events in our favorite places

Check out some of the exciting retreats and workshops we have planned for 2014

  • Australia
  • Asia
  • Italy


Art in the Outback

Aboriginal art expert Roslyn Premont will give us an expectional week of art discovery and immersion starting in Alice Springs and finishing in Uluru. Staying in gorgeous art filled apartments in Alice Springs -Vatu Sanctuary. Plus under the stars in luxury camping in Uluru. 


Several exciting retreats and workshops are in the calendar for 2014.

Magical Myanmar with ZinMar

Burmese born ZinMar is our gorgeous guide to all things Myanmar. We will have a magical journey through the highlights of her homeland with opportunities to cook and stay with the locals. Read more

Singing in Bali with Moira Smiley

Moira Smiley will join us in Bali twice this year. So if you cannot make it to Ubud in May, come to Candidas in October. Travelling from her hilly Los Angeles perch, Moira will guide us on a worldwide musical journey of warped traditional songs, original polyphony and the playful energy of body percussion. From the Appalachian to the Balkans... in the lush setting of Bali.

Singing in Bali with Anita Daulne

From the Congo to Belgium to the lush surroundings of Bali! Anita Daulne (of US Grammy awarded group Zap Mama) has taught her mesmerizing world music for many years. She will now take us on her journey of extraordinary songs, sounds, rhythms and humour during this week.
Your days will have a perfect balance of 2x daily singing sessions, yoga and enough time for pampering, resting and swimming. A special afternoon in the closed village of
Tenganan is also planned for you to discover the music, natural arts, dyes and weaving of double ikat and ancient beliefs of Balinese people unique to this village.


Festa and Food in Mercatello with Luisa Donati

This is your opportunity to stay in a palace and totally immerse yourself in an italian village community during the highlight of the year. Get ready for cooking with some of the local experts that taught Jamie Oliver, for dancing into the night and for laughing out loud!

Travel Writing with Claire Scobie

Travel writing in Mercatello 2014 offers more than a writer’s retreat. It is a chance to immerse yourself in Italian daily life, to meet characters who could have stepped out of Under the Tuscan Sun, to see the world through their eyes. Live the dream!

  • Join us for an enriching journey of the senses.
  • Live like a local and learn to write like a professional.
  • Experience cultural Italy through your own writing adventure. 

Singing in Siena with Paolo Tiziano Tesi

The annual Singing in Siena this year is going to be led by Paolo Tesi. Paolo joined us last year and was great success! We will have some other locals join us dring the week. We also have walking tours along the medieval roads on the enormous property of Montestigliano. Our home for the week.