Giacomo Donati

Jennifer Richardson - Monday, November 18, 2019

Sorry to share this very sad news and announce that last week our Italy event host and very close friend Luisa Donati tragically lost her son Giacomo in a car crash. I think it's the worst thing any parent can experience and as a parent who has also lost a son I have huge empathy here.

As a friend who has spent months of each year working and playing with the family, I share their pain and I know anyone who has ever attended one of our events in either Montestigliano or Palazzo Donati in Italy will understand.

Our love goes out to the Donati Clarke family. Luisa, Chris, Georgia, Olivia, Damiano, Massimo, Virginia, Marta, Giancarlo, Pierluigi, Guilia, Piero and all the partners and friends we offer our deepest love and sympathy.

The family has asked not to send flowers but to donate to a fund created in honour of Giacomo. The funds will be going to 3 causes. SAVE THE CHILDREN as Giac loved children, FAUNA & FLORA INTERNATIONAL and ASSOCIAZIONE GUARNIERI, we owe a lot to this organisation as they helped find him and supported the family through this horrible time. To Donate   >> click here.