Marianne Backhouse

by: Jennifer Richardson on

In Loving Memory of a very special Lady!

Below is a pic I took of a magical moment between Tony and Marianne in rehearsal in the forest in Singing in Siena, 2013.

Marianne used to love picking the grapes and fresh figs on the property of Montestigliano during Singing in Siena. I took this pic below in 2011.  

Below is a little video I took of her in the Granary in Montestigliano singing a lullaby to her daughter Cristy. It is rough and unedited but hopefully it will serve as a memory of her beautiful spirit and divine voice.

She very recently became a young grandmother, so perhaps her lovely little granddaughter will enjoy being sung to as well.

Love and deepest sympathy to Tony Backhouse and her loving family and friends.

Forever in our thoughts, with love and gratitude.